Monday, March 8, 2010

The Giant Moth

So, this isn't a farm story, but funny nonetheless! Rowdy came in around 1 am this morning saying, "Mom, there is a giant moth in my room, and I can't sleep with it making so much noise!" I GROWLED back at him that he needed to just go back to bed - moths won't hurt you. He started tearing up and said he couldn't, so I walked him back to his room to investigate this moth. He pointed to his Valentine's bucket and said it was in there. So, I looked, and holy not a moth at all - it was a BAT!! So I covered the bucket, took it outside and dumped it out and scooted the bat away, and it must have eventually flown away or was eaten because it's gone this morning. I then went back and apologized profusely to Rowdy for growling at him and said that was definitely worth the wake up call! He then told me that he woke up to it "screaming" and scratching, and I said if something is ever screaming and scratching in your room, it's not a moth - come get me quick and give me that information! So, I was now wide awake, wondering how it 1) got in the house 2) made it to Rowdy's room and 3) managed to get into the bucket and not get out! Oh well, my best guess is the chimney - and I don't know about the rest! So, I read my latest dressage magazine about the Adult Clinic series that I was too tired to read earlier in the night and finally fell back asleep! At least it wasn't swooping around the house like the last one we had to catch or hanging from the light cord in the basement that I GRABBED! Fun stuff!

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