Monday, August 15, 2011

You know a clinic is awesome when . . .

  1. Your clinician is Lauren Sprieser.
  2. You will do anything, including threatening to steal the ride on your child's pony, just to make sure you get a lesson.
  3. Before the end of one clinic, the next one is already overbooked with riders.
  4. It's August, and you get to put on a jacket at 11 am because it's chilly!
  5. Even your non-horsey friends want to stop by and take in the fun!
  6. Your 11 year old daughter is shocked at the end of each ride that her 45 minutes are up, and she wishes it could just last a little longer!
  7. Even your horse seems to be smiling at the end of the ride.
  8. Did I mention it was only 65 degrees? in August?
  9. Your 7 year old son says, "I love it when Lauren comes," with a grin on his face, and he's not even riding.
  10. After juggling 7 visiting horses in one afternoon, your husband admits it's time to build the Sally Run Pony B&B.
Thank you again to Lauren and all of the riders who continue to make the trip to Sally Run for these great weekends of training!  See you in September!

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