Monday, January 14, 2013

Around the farm . . .

With the warm temperatures this past weekend, it hardly felt like January.  In fact it was so warm that our Christmas tree and decorations started to look really ridiculous to me, so I finally took the last of it down.  Of course we won't complain about riding bikes and ponies outside, playing basketball in short sleeves, or being able to let Sally outside without her coat!  Our new chicks and ducklings also arrived, so we have some seriously cute little chirping in our house.  Rowdy was (and is) so excited and checked on them every hour, cleaning their water and making sure everyone was warm and snug.

Today, though, is a rainy, depressing kind of Monday.  My one New Year's Resolution was to enjoy my Mondays and not dread them like usual, so in honor of that, we moved the jumps inside, and the pony and I galloped around jumping two foot verticals like they were four feet tall!  No matter how many years I spend in a dressage saddle, my jump saddle still feels like home, and having a pony in the barn who loves jumping even more than I do makes it so much fun!  She can contain her excitement over a big crossrail, but as soon as you make it a vertical, she wants to launch a mile before the jump - she just can't hold it in for one more step!  After some serious dressage work on her connection last week, she was pretty pumped to go around in jumper frame - head in the air like she was trying to see over the Puissance Wall.  I love that little girl, and she is quite the cure for a gloomy Monday.

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