Saturday, September 18, 2010

Catching up

Just wanted to post a few pics from the last couple of weeks. Last weekend, Bruce completed his first triathalon and was AWESOME! He came in second overall behind an experienced Ironman guy (and collegiate swimmer) and said it was the most fun he's had in a race ever - so, a new addiction is born! It's really no surprise, though - marathons in his 20s, century bike rides and crit racing in his 30s, and I'm predicting Ironman Hawaii by 40! For better or worse, his friend Jared, who finished a superb fourth, has been bitten by the same bug, so he has a co-conspirator/training partner now! Our friends Melissa and Wendy also competed in the relay with a friend doing the swimming leg - I love this pic of Melissa on the run!

Everything else on the farm is good, although we lost our first chicken two nights ago - but honestly, any chicken that jumps into a dog pen with four large dogs really is asking for it. I know that sounds mean, but come on - 280 acres and that's where you choose to go? Hopefully the other seven watched and learned! Rowdy's ducks, on the other hand, are doing great and getting huge. Henry is all about the love - he'll let you just hold and pet him forever. Little Missy gets jealous and pecks at your hands as you pet Henry, but she's coming around.

So I guess that's about it - it's a GORGEOUS day - football this afternoon - ponies have the day off! Have a great one, everybody!

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