Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fun Stuff!

We had a fantastic Labor Day weekend - tons of fun with family and friends as we celebrated Sharon's big birthday - a little cool for the pool (blue lips for all the kiddos) and had to throw some sheets on horses - crazy - but sunny and gorgeous otherwise! The kids rode awesome yesterday - Syd's canter work was super, and Rowdy can now post and steer at the trot all the way around the arena - big stuff! Trail rode with my father-in-law yesterday afternoon - love those little Quarter Horses for that - and rode Barney all over the farm today, and he was as quiet as the Quarter Horses - even by himself - REALLY loving that! Only small glitch in all of this is my trip to the Dr. this morning for a steroid shot - remember all that yard work I mentioned? Got some good poison oak on the side of my face that spread to my eyes last night - not so much fun, but small price to pay for such a great weekend! Hope everyone made it home safe - enjoy the short work/school week!!

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