Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Have a little faith

Don't you love the complete faith of children! As you might have read, Rowdy has two ducks, Henry and Missy. Well, Henry has been looking a lot like Missy this past month and had all of the adults on the farm convinced Henry was really Henrietta, but Rowdy never wavered. We were waiting for him to break down and say he also thought Henry was a girl, but he was steadfast in Henry's maleness. Well, yesterday afternoon he ran into the house to announce that Henry was getting his colors! I ran out with him to see that indeed Henry's head is turning green, the white collar is starting to peak thru, and his feet are definitely getting more orange. Once again, Rowdy was right, and 5 adults were wrong - we really need to stop doubting the intuition and faith of these kids and maybe be a little stronger in our own convictions!!!

1 comment:

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