Friday, November 5, 2010


I LOVE Friday! It's my day to really relax at the barn and catch up on things. Both Caruso and Barney came out with their game faces on today - the best Caruso has felt since I put him back to work a few weeks ago, which was a surprise considering the drastic change in weather, and Barney was so relaxed and loose and using his giant back to give me some awesome trot and canter work - love those guys.

Big News - Lauren Sprieser is coming to Sally Run the weekend of Dec.10th. Details to follow, but mark your calendar so you can come work with this super trainer before she heads to Florida. Check out her info at:

It's our first Friday with nothing scheduled in months, so we are going to have a relaxing weekend with the family, and hope everyone else has a great one as well!

P.S. Fundraiser for Hope Ministries this Sunday at St. Paul - Syd's violin group, Wythe Music Initiative, will be part of the entertainment - 3:00!!

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