Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Is it spring yet?

I am trying to enjoy these days of not being able to ride and immerse myself in the Christmas spirit . . . but it's just not quite working! I've done all of the cooking/baking I can do this far ahead, wrapped what is here (please let FEDEX get the last of it here!), and now I just want to ride. The melting snow we had at the end of last week with frozen ground underneath sent a torrent of water down in front of the arena, which immediately froze over Saturday night and Sunday - so it is a true ice skating rink for 30 feet in front of the arena. The high areas are okay, so we've been able to at least get the horses outside into the top paddocks, but there will be no riding for the big guys for several more days! The frustrating part is that as soon as you get in the doors of the arena, it's warm (ish) and the ground in there has not frozen at all (which was the problem last year with the sub-arctic temps). Oh well - Merry Christmas, ponies - enjoy your break, and we'll get back in shape soon enough!

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