Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The bat strikes again!

Another bat adventure last night. The kids reported a dead bat in the basement on Saturday, but when Bruce went down to get him, he was nowhere to be found (a fact Bruce conveniently withheld from the rest of us). This one, though, did not fly into a bucket like the last two, so it was a full force family chase around the house! Rowdy now thinks chasing bats with tennis rackets is more fun than hitting tennis balls (although in the final showdown, he asked to be excused from the room - a wise move since I might have taken his head off as I was swinging at the swooping thing)! We had to finish watching "Rudolph" afterward just to settle everyone down!

Now we are getting ready for family arriving today, and I just looked out to see Bruce with MORE LIGHTS and extension cords in his hands! Bruce, honey, it's just three days until Christmas, there are already more lights than the power company can handle - please . . .

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