Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy 2011!!

My three loves on the mountain in Vail, Colorado!
The good news is we had a safe and wonderful trip to Vail while everyone in Wytheville enjoyed unseasonably warm temperatures, the horses and cows saw grass again, no calves were born prematurely, and ponies were able to play outside naked!  The bad news is we apparently brought a lot of winter back with us from Colorado - lots of snow yesterday and a windchill of -15 this morning - BRRR!  The problem with a ski trip is that it fills your snow quota for the year in five days, and you're ready for spring when you come home.  I realized this morning that technically it hasn't even been winter for one full month yet, so we have a ways to go! 

On the horse front, we can now get back into the arena thanks to last week's warm-up, and my first rides back on the big boys have been AWESOME - which was completely unexpected after so much time off.  Maybe we all needed a litte Christmas holiday from work!  Anyway, the best part about a vacation is appreciating coming home so much.  We are all very thankful to be able to live on a beautiful farm with so many amazing animals and the people we love!  Here is to a happy, healthy and blessed 2011 - cheers everyone!

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