Thursday, March 31, 2011

Duck Update

I keep forgetting to give an update on the winged population at Sally Run.  We still have our 7 chickens, who are laying dozens of eggs each week.  The chickens are hysterical and very social, so the kids have a ball feeding them and collecting eggs.  The ducks are right next to the chickens, and while Henry has remained pretty friendly, Missy is not so much.  We discovered the nest she built under a heavy blanket we have draped over their house, and it is FULL of eggs.  So, we expect we will have lots of baby ducklings in just a few more weeks!  Rowdy is quite excited.  I am thinking we need a bigger pen and pond (the baby pool will not be adequate for swim class).  We have a wild population of mallards living on our pond, but I don't think Rowdy will let us try to put Henry and Missy down there.  If it ever stops raining, I'll take some new pictures of all of our feathered friends.

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