Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hysterical Reading

There is an excerpt in the March issue of Dressage Today from Women are from Venus and so Are Their Horses by Dutchman Menno Kalmann, and it is hysterical.  For any couple with a horsey woman and non-horsey man, this is a must-read!  Bruce and I laughed so hard - I actually had tears in my eyes!  Anyway, I had to let you know about it because it is so funny and so true!  And speaking of generous husbands who are so tolerant of horse crazy wives, I have to applaud my own for spending the better part of the morning yesterday raking the mud off Barney as I rubbed down Caruso so that I could squeeze in two rides before a midday appointment - and we are talking about serious dried, caked-on mud!  Thanks, honey!!!

one quick quote: " . . . I am certain I hear the instructor announce that ' the hindquarters are not underneath.' Oh please! I think even I would have noticed that; I seriously doubt whether my wife would have managed to stay on with such an important part of the horse missing."

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