Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Run for cover (or at least walk)

We built run-in sheds for some of our paddocks at Sally Run primarily due to my lack of sleep when an unanticipated storm would hit during the night and the horses were turned out.  While researching size, shape, and placement, many experts warned, "Don't be surprised if your horses don't use them."  What amuses me is that I see them in the sheds all the time during perfectly beautiful days - sunny skies, low- to-mid 60's - catching a little snooze in the shade; then on mornings like this one, I look out my kitchen window to see them standing in a downpour, sometimes eating grass, but more often by the gate asking to come inside the barn.  The run-ins are almost two years old now, the horses live outside much more than in, and yet they still want me to schlepp out there and get them when it rains.  Do they know I'm watching them from the house and just want to mess with me?  And typical of kids and horses, after five minutes inside, they change their mind.  They decide outside was actually better, and Barney especially starts banging around, wanting out.  Too bad big guy - you wanted in, you're staying in (and saving your legs and my grass in the process)!  If I were a horse, I think I would head for cover before my coat was rain-soaked, but soaking up the sun has always been my preference.

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