Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's Clinic Time!

Our Lauren Sprieser clinic series kicks off this Friday, and we are excited to welcome everyone back to Sally Run!  Here are the ride times for Friday and Saturday- if anyone needs a different time, please let me know quickly!  Safe travels, and we'll see you soon!

Ride Times


3:30 Elaine Flory & Fearless Soul

4:15 Caroline Stephens & Glory

5:00 Michaela Bethard & Boundary

5:45 Molly Watson & Chippy


8:00 Sydney Stephens & Glory

8:45 Molly Watson & Chippy

9:30 Kim Huffman & Navina

10:15 Michaela Bethard & Boundary

11:00 Dawn Gifford & Dixie

11:45 Caroline Stephens (?)

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