Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Farm Mom's Top Five Gifts

Of course the horsey girl in me loves the idea of some cute new breeches or something for Dutchy for my birthday, but you know you are a farm mom when this is what makes the top five wish list:

5.  Getting to ride in the outdoor on a sunny, 60 degree day with a slight breeze, no flies, and freshly groomed footing! (For those who snow ski, it's like being the first one on the slopes on a not completely freezing morning!)

4.  Not cleaning up any poop of any kind for an entire day (luckily I am only left with 4 legged poop these days as my two legged creatures all sufficiently wipe their own bottoms now :).

3.  Getting a hot shower before 10:00 pm without interruption or hearing the word, "MOM!"

2.  No rain so all horses can stay outside for the day, which translates into #4 and no crazies the next day.

1.  And the greatest gift you can give a farm mom . . . someone else to clean up/take care of the no-longer-easy-to-identify dead thing in the barn!!! 

Happy Birthday to me :)

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