Sunday, May 5, 2013

Clinic this Friday-Saturday

Here is the clinic schedule for this coming weekend:

Friday, May 10

3:30 Caroline Stephens

4:15  Molly Watson

5:00  Sydney Stephens

5:45  Michaela Bethard

6:30  Kim Huffman


Saturday, May 11

7:30  Caroline Stephens

8:15  Michaela Bethard

9:00  Sydney Stephens

9:45  Barbara Nelson

10:30  Molly Watson

11:15  Barbara Nelson

I apologize for such early times on Saturday, but Rowdy’s soccer tournament starts this week, and I may be needed to yell like a crazy person at 10:00 that morning J!

We are looking at June 17th or July 1st for the next clinic.  We also have August 11-12 and Sept. 6-7 on the calendar right now, so pencil those in!   I will keep you posted as dates get set.  The next clinic may end up being just a one day, but we’ll see what we can do!

The weather this week looks rough, but hopefully the sun will be shining at Sally Run by Friday J!

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