Friday, May 21, 2010

clover = fat ponies

We had hoped the clover wouldn't make a huge comeback this year, but it has, and the horses look like they've exploded overnight! So, we finally broke down and got the big guns to come in and completely spray all paddocks to kill the clover. The guy there said, "it's supposedly 100% safe, but I wouldn't put your favorite horse in there until after it rains." So, much to their dismay, Caruso and Barney are inside and getting playground time in the arena. The other four took over the cow pasture near the house and have been running around like little colts! Calling for rain this evening, so hopefully they can go back out over the weekend.

Barney had a visit from the equine dentist this week and is extremely grateful to Dr. Rucker for taking care of those hooks! He is much happier and a lot less fussy about his bit and contact. Thanks, Dr. Rucker! How frustrating to be a horse and not be able to tell your person "MY TEETH HURT!"

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