Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Enjoying Spring

Horse update - Barney is doing great. He and Caruso are perfect pasture and barn mates. My b'day gift to myself was a true competition sized dressage arena to set up in the outdoor. My gift from Bruce was to set it up. I think he got the rough end of the deal, as the wind blew it over 24 hours after he had spent the entire day getting it perfect! It is still beautiful, though, and I love being able to practice the figures so accurately. My previous use of poles on the ground to outline the arena still allowed for quite a bit of error (i.e. trotting over the "arena" :), so it now looks very official, and hopefully our test riding will improve! I still have to put the flower boxes together for the letter markers, but we've made a good start, and the old letters are still out there on the fence! BTW - The little man didn't even seem to care we weren't at Field Day - thank goodness for friends who were there to take plenty of pictures and reassure us that he didn't appear to notice our absence. Hopefully there was no permanent damage done.

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