Monday, May 10, 2010


Jack of all trades, master of none - I am having one of those days. Just returned from a long, beautiful weekend with my family to celebrate Mother's Day, only to think I was refreshed and organized and ready to tackle the constant demands of real life. In reality, after less than 24 hours home, I am already falling behind. While trying to catch up at the barn and work some of the grass bellies off the horses after their indulgent four days in the field, I find out I have missed my sweet boy's first field day. His kindergarten year winding down with lots of celebrations, and I was too busy with horses to remember. It's not even like the horses are my real job - and they certainly wouldn't have minded one more day off. The saying is true - you can't have it all - at least not all at the same time. So, I'm headed for the pick up line to tell him how sorry I am, hoping that he isn't completely sad and disappointed.

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