Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Am I really going to get to show this fun horse?

We wrapped up boot camp this morning with Kim, and it was a super 24 hours! We worked on a ton of stuff and established our warm up plan and short list of critical moments in the tests. For having to take 8 days off less than two weeks ago, I feel like we're as prepared as we could hope to be. Now if that hot water heater will show up for the trailer, I will be a very, very happy girl!

We've had several days of rain, so the farm is looking much better - the grass is definitely less crunchy, and the alfalfa and sorghum are ready to be cut. The chicks have also finally moved out of the trough in the garage and into their cute coop. They are much happier, and hopefully now my car will stop smelling like chickens!

So, I'm off to pack the trailer and finish horse laundry - then I should probably tackle the human laundry! I can't believe we might actually make it to the show!

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