Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rain and a Sunday Surprise!

it finally rained on Friday night - yeah! had a cute surprise this morning - when i let the dogs out, they took off running and barking. as the dogs ran after the mom, four baby raccoons were crawling onto the porch. they turned and ran down the side of the house, but we got a few cute pics, and the kids were squealing at how adorable they were. a little concerned their mama brought them out in the daylight, so we won't get too close, but still fun to watch! fyi- the dogs didn't come close to catching mom, so all was good. also, as i was getting the snaps to put on here, i found some pics bruce took of barney and me a month or so ago - so i finally have a picture of me ON the new horse!! still hoping to get to lexington this week - we'll see!! it's a gorgeous day and only supposed to get in the mid-80s!!! hallelujah! have a great one!

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