Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Update

so, lots happening this summer. it is hot and dry on the farm - hoping for rain on friday, especially since we haven't square baled any hay yet!! had some excitement with the Bethards' pony, Midnight - choked on his feed - that was a first for me. luckily for us, Dr. Denton never seems to take a day off, even on a crazy holiday weekend! leave it to a morgan/quarter horse pony to have his only emergency vet visit ever be a result of inhaling his feed! caruso finally upped barney in the sanity department - barney was definitely more flipped out over the fireworks - a bit of a shocker, but then again, who knows if barney has ever been exposed to bruce's level of pyromania! caruso has at least had a few years to get used to it. barney and i are entered at dress. at lexington for next week, but with my step-dad's situation, i'm not sure we'll make it. he's supposed to be getting his heart balloon pump removed today and then they'll start waking him up and hopefully get him off the ventilator asap, so keep the prayers coming. we'll soon find out if that heart of his can do the work - he'll never believe he's been asleep for a week - a very long week! hope everyone is having a great summer - it's going by way too fast as usual!

p.s. send your prayers toward our little neighbor, josh - 6 year old in the hospital with rocky mountain spotted fever - unfortunately he's in the hospital in new york, as they were on the road for their summer vacation when the rash appeared - so prayers for the whole family as they get thru this so far from home!

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