Friday, August 27, 2010

First Day of School and Big Birthday Boy

Catching up on the past couple of weeks - the first day of school was a success. Everyone likes their teachers and their classmates, so all is good on the school front. We are back in full swing with fall activities - so much to squeeze in before the weather turns too cold! Another cutting of alfalfa is up and tubed - always a good thing. Today our sweet boy turns seven - too hard to believe! His Nana may have rescued me today, as she sent these awesome duck decoys as gifts, and Rowdy thinks they might work for his birthday cake (the alternative is me trying to make a mallard duck out of rice krispie treats, frosting it, and putting it on the cake - we have clearly watched too much Cake Boss, and I am obviously strongly in favor of using the decoys)!! Oh, and I forgot to mention - Rowdy has a baby girl duck now, too! They are a riot swimming around together in the bathtub - but we're going to have to come up with a plan for them to move outside pretty quick!! The latest name update, as the boy duck is already getting pretty big, is that he will be "Henry," and right now, she is "Little Missy." So, we have a fun birthday weekend ahead of us, and it looks like the weather will be perfect - hope everyone has a great one!!

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