Friday, August 13, 2010

Last Weekend Before School

I am definitely not ready for summer to be over! I love having the kiddos home with us everyday and having the freedom to do what we want instead of sticking to the school schedule! I love hearing their sweet voices talking, playing, laughing . . . I am just not ready for them to be fifth and first graders ! I am also not ready to think about cold weather, blankets for horses, body clipping, or any of the other not-so-fun stuff that comes with winter. I know I am skipping over fall, but really fall is just a blink here - then lots of long winter months. We have had the most fun this summer, and I know we'll have a great school year, but it's still just a little bittersweet!

Of course, at this very moment, the kids just started fighting, so maybe it is time after all . . .

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