Tuesday, August 17, 2010

There's a duck in our house!!

2010 will be known in our house as the year of the ducks for Rowdy. Some of you know about this obsession that started last winter and has increased in intensity this summer. We have spent the summer trying to catch wild ducks everywhere we go, and so as an early birthday present (and since it's our last day of summer vacation), we gave Rowdy his birthday duckling last night! He is over-the-moon crazy about this little guy, who is in his room and as cute as can be! Both kids are enamored with his funny ways, and I have to admit he is much more entertaining than I anticipated. So, here are some pictures of the newest addition to our animal clan. As far as a name, Rowdy has wisely chosen to just call him "Duckie" for now because he says he will change so much as he grows that a baby duck name won't work for him when he's a full grown mallard - so we'll keep you posted on the name.

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